As executive director of the Moody Foundation, I have found it very rewarding to see the nonprofit sector respond to challenges. The crises we have all faced, both natural and manmade, have required enormous efforts by foundations, organizations and individuals. Over and over again, the Foundationís trustees have been impressed by the commitment and cooperation these entities have brought to the arduous tasks.

It is very gratifying to be involved with a large foundation. Not many other environments blend the compassion of charitable endeavors, the vision of building for the future, and the energy of financial markets. This combination gives foundations a unique position and special responsibilities in American life.

The Moody Foundation continues to focus most of its funding on Galveston projects, including the Foundation-initiated projects at Moody Gardens and the Transitional Learning Center. Beyond Galveston, the Foundationís historic base, the Moody Foundation makes grants primarily in Austin and Dallas, with an emphasis on education, social services, childrenís needs, and community development.

We welcome your comments, questions and insights. We realize that the challenges ahead of us require collaboration as well as ideas and investment, and we look forward to continuing the process.

Frances Moody-Dahlberg